Dead medium: Dead Cryptanalytic Devices of World War II
From: (Bradley O'Neill)

Here are various cryptanalytic machines developed before and during WWII. An '*' notes those items for which I will submit more detailed working notes. I am listing all of them here beforehand, for purposes of scope, and to encourage any interested souls. I'm also compiling a bibliography on dead military media. Anybody who wants to participate can e-mail me.
The following list is gleaned from a superb source, _Information and Secrecy: Vannevar Bush, Ultra, and the Other Memex_, by Colin Burke, Scarecrow Press, Metuchen N.J. 1994. LC# HD9696.C772B87 1994.
WWII Cryptanalytic Devices
(from a table of terms and abbreviations on pp. xxi-xxvi)
*BOMBE - Electro-mechanical machines built by Britain and the US to attack ENIGMA.
COLOSSUS - Britain's special purpose electronic computer to attack the German FISH system.
*COMPARATOR - Bush's tape based-electronic cryptanalytic machines.
COPPERHEAD - OP-20-G [Naval cryptology division] WWII advanced versions of tape-based electronic cryptanalytic machines.
*ENIGMA - German encrypting device.
FISH - German teletype-like automatic encryption systems and devices.
FREAK (((no joke!))) - U.S. electromechanical cryptanalytic machine, WWII.
*FRUIT - Special electro-mechanical adding machine built for OP- 20-G by NCR during WWII.
*GOLDBERG - OP-20-G advanced version of Bush's Comparator.
HYPO - Analog optical crypanalytic machine built by Eastman-Kodak, during WWII.
ICKY - OP-20-G special microfilm machine.
IC MACHINE - Film plate machines, MIT-Eastman made for OP-20-G, WWII.
*LETTERWRITER - Special data entry machines IBM built for OP-20-G, WWII.
*LOCATORS - OP-20-G and SIS [US Army Cryptanalytic Agency] machines built for identifying locations of code items, but not for counting or tallying. Built during WWII.
MADAME X - SIS relay-based machine to attack German ENIGMA.
MATHEW, MIKE - U.S. electro-mechanical cryptanalytic machines, WWII.
*PURPLE - SIS/OP-20-G analog machine built for attack on Japanese diplomatic ciphers.
PYTHON - OP-20-G electrical analog of Japanese enciphering machine, during WWII.
*RAPID ARITHMETICAL MACHINE - An unbuilt Vannevar Bush computer of the 1930s.
*RAPID SELECTOR - Bush's ill-fated bibliographic micro-film device.
RATTLER - U.S. Navy electronic machine to attack Japanese automatic encryption systems.
ROBINSON - Britain's tape-based electronic machines, similar to the COMPARATOR.
ROCKEFELLER ANALYSER - Vannevar Bush/MIT updated version of Differential Analyser, financed by Rockefeller Foundation, completed in late 1930s.
WAVELENGTH ANALYSER - MIT optical-electric analog scientific measuring device, 1930s.
*WHIRLWIND - Postwar electronic digital computer built at MIT by group outside of Bush's circle.
There you are. A veritable fleet of dead (military) media waiting to be explored. These machines are, in many ways, 'missing links' in the popular conception of computer evolution.